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Virtual Connect - Sanity check please

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Virtual Connect - Sanity check please

I am looking at a configuration with 6x Flex-10 VC modules over 3x C7000 enclosures and only 1GbE ports available on the external LAN switches to uplink to.

Am I correct in thinking that the "widest" aggregate bandwidth that I am going to get is 5Gb (ports X2-X6 with 1GbE SFP) for a given Shared uplink Set?

I have CX4 connectivity between enclosures robbing me of port X1 and a dual cross-link which takes away X7 & X8. Thus leaving me with 5 ports to bind together with LACP.

I'm thinking that multiple pairs of active SUS's will turn into an admin nightmare so 2 lots of 5Gb (Enc1,Bay1 & Enc3,Bay2) to escape the VC domain may well be the way to go.

Comments and criticisms most welcome.

Many thanks
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Re: Virtual Connect - Sanity check please

Sounds quite sane. If your bandwith is enough, I can't find anythin to comment. And if the servers talk to each other 10Gb is in use.
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