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VirtualConnect in Tunneling Mode

New Member

VirtualConnect in Tunneling Mode


We have a VC FlexFabric module configured in tunneling mode, with a single VNet configured on it. It has two uplinks configured in an active-failover pair into Cisco Nexus 2Ks. We have configured a Windows server with HP NIC teaming and given it an IP address bound to a logical NIC on a given VLAN, we can see the MAC address of said server on the Nexus switching, and ping it from the default gateway on the VLAN.

On adding a second Windows server similarly configured, the two can ping each other on that VLAN across the VNet, BUT we can't see any MAC address from the second server on the Cisco switch and thus have no connectivity from it into the wider network.

We've been through the obvious things of reducing the problem to a non-resilient environment, taking out each link and server in turn and no matter what order things are powered and brought up, this remains consistently broken.

Does anyone have any tips about how to troubleshoot this further? My view is from the network side, so the ability to look at some kind of forwarding table on the VirtualConnect etc might be useful to me?

If any more info is needed to help, please let me know.

Cheers, Daren.