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Webfarm Blade

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Webfarm Blade

I am looking for a mixed OS/APPs web farm solution. Does HP offer an E2E solution for this kind of need?

I am using Oracle and for front end I am using Linux/Apache with loadbalancer (100 concurrent user). I need a solution for 3000, 5000 visit per day (every visit 20 pages of 50Kb size), with medium write/read to DB. I need 60GB of DB size and high computing backend and storage.

Anybody has any rough idea?

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Re: Webfarm Blade

No reason you could not do this with HP Blades.

The machines can talk to each other inside the Enclosure at up to 10Gb and then the Web Front end VLAN go out to end users.

Can you elaborate on how much RAM and CPU the DB and Web/App nodes need?
And do you need shared storage for the DB tier or local disk is fine?

There is no shared storage specifically designed for the HP blades, but you can:
- Direct connect a 3PAR 7200/7400 to an HP c7000 enclosure with FlexFabric modules
- Direct connect any FC Storage to HP Branded Brocade FC switches that go right in the back of the enclosure
- Connect extra uplinks to your network and run iSCSI over them to iSCSI based storage.