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Re: What does SPP update

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What does SPP update

Ho all,


I have to update the OA, ILO, BIOS of a blade enclosure.  However, I must not update any part of the operating Systems (RHEL and VMware).


If I start HP-SUM on a testserver (not a blade), I get hundreds of components like CP018877 or HP-SNMP-AGENTS-9.30-2412.31.RHEL5.X86_64.

For me, that reads like software and not like firmware. However, there is a saying that SPP dows not install anything to the operating system.


So, my question is: How can I install the required Firmware, OA etc with SPP and not install anything to the operating systems?


Thank you for your help.





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Re: What does SPP update

You may have a look at the OAs enclosure firmware management feature, this will boot the blades from SPP and automatically updates the firmware only. Update the OA separately.

Hope this helps!

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Re: What does SPP update

is there any caveats or steps by steps instructions in how to do that firmware update using the HP SPP ?

Best regards,