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Why c7000 Platinum for 16Gb FC?

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Why c7000 Platinum for 16Gb FC?

A FIbre Channel fabric support question from Joseph:




Hey folks--  Question . . .


With our c7000 generations supporting 8Gbps/10Gbps/14Gbps per lane respectively . . and the use of 1-to-4 lanes to support protocols/speeds where necessary . . is there a technical reason why 16Gbps FC won’t work in any generation?  I believe every Mezz/LOM port has at least 2 x lanes mapped to it . . . so why not, say, 2 x 8Gbps lanes = 16 Gbps in the original enclosures?


Maybe a signal integrity problem? . . i.e. needed better PCB technology to ensure “lossless” at these speeds?


Just wondering . . Thanks!




Reply from Dan:

There is something I heard that FC either already needs both lanes or can only use 1 lane or something.


So we had to get the backplane to 14 Gbps which is actually what 16 Gb FC uses under the covers apparently.


And from Kurt:

Dan is correct.  The Signal Midplane for the c7000 Platinum enclosure supports single lane 16 Gb Fibre Channel solutions.  No need for multiple lanes.