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Will an original c7000 chassis work with 8GB Fibre channel?

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Will an original c7000 chassis work with 8GB Fibre channel?

Gary had a chassis upgrade question:




I have a customer with the original c7000 blade chassis (412152-b22) and they are looking to upgrade their SAN infrastructure from 4GB to 8GB.


Are the newer 8GB fibre channel switches supported in the older chassis if they are on the latest and greatest firmware?


I ask because I got burned by trying to upgrade one of the original c7000 systems to QDR Infiniband and it wouldn't work due to a mid-plane change.




The discussion:


From Dennis:

The Quickspec for the 6GB SAS module states that:-


The SAS Switch is supported only in the HP c-Class Enclosures (c7000 (RoHS 6 of 6 compliant enclosures) & c3000)


But how do we identify a "C7000 RoHS 6 of 6 compliant enclosure" e.g. is there a Product number or OA version for something showing this?

I'm just wondering how we check that an existing C7000 is suitable if a customer wants to add a 6GB SAS module.


From Anton:

When you login to the OA and go to "Enclosure information" and then to the "Information" tab, you will see for the new midplane spare part 5xxxxx-001 and G2 as enclosure model.




An enclosure with the old/non-ROHS midplane will look like that:




4xxxxx as midplane spare part number is the old one.

5xxxxx as midplane spare part number is the new one.


Refer to c02507592 for more info:


Think this is what you ask for - there will be other ways but that’s the fastest I can think of – showall will have that number too and even if replaced the OA should have read that from the midplane EEPROM so should be always a correct number shown in the OA even after replacement…




Comments or questions?

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Re: Will an original c7000 chassis work with 8GB Fibre channel?

Question not answered.

Does the 8G FC switch also require the G2 Enclosure?