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Re: Windows 2003 R2 not come back after rebooted.


Windows 2003 R2 not come back after rebooted.

Hi all,

I have an issue with Windows 2003-R2/SP2 installed on BL460c Blade hope to get help from the Blades expert.

Everytime I do the server reboot via iLO2, server shutdown and stay black screen forever. I have to cold boot server using the virtual power with iLO2.

All servers map to LUNs on the Netapp Filer.

Servers have application software installed listed below:

Data ONTAP DSM Management Version 3.1.5
SnapDrive Version 5.0 (Network Appliance)
FCP Host Utilies (Network Appliance)

Uptime show normal shutdown.

Nothing shown on System Event log. I applied the latest Proliant Support Pack 7.90 but the problem still there.

I would really appreciate for any help from the Blade expert out there.



Re: Windows 2003 R2 not come back after rebooted.

I have seen this issue before...
You may have a old firmware version in the Ilo and in the OA as well.

So let´s do this.

Upgraded the firmware version on all ilo's in this enclosure to version 1.35 **** Important to perform this step first.

by extracting the files and then from the ilo web administrator under administrator tap and search for the .bin file we just extracted.

then the OnBoard Administrator to version 2.02a

From the OA web interface
under active OA and then firmware upgrade
search for toa .bin file too.

And problem should be gone