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New SPP for Gen 10 ProLiant

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New SPP for Gen 10 ProLiant


4 days ago I've got an e-mail with notification that there is a new SPP for my HPE BL460c Gen 10 Server Blade but I'm confused about the naming scheme and lack of description.

I'm running SPP version 2020.03.0 and suddenly there is version 2019.12.1(1 Jan 3000) with no revision history to refer to. Is this version any upgrade to what I'm currently running or is this a name mistake on HPE end? Will upgrading to 2019.12.1 version roll back patches that came with 2020.03.0? I'm very sorry if this question is dumb/has obvious answer I just feel really confused with what's going on.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: New SPP for Gen 10 ProLiant

This is obviously an update of SPP 2019.12 regarding the UEFI Secure Boot Evasion Vulnerability (aka BootHole Vulnerability) CVE-2020-10713.

I assume there will be an updated SPP2020.03 soon.

Hope this helps!

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Re: New SPP for Gen 10 ProLiant

Agree.  It appears to be a re-release of an old SPP but with an updated boot loader.

I reckon we will have a new (for real) SPP soon.  It's about that time.