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SUT Install


SUT Install

I have a Oneview (OV) system that is running 5.00.01. I am trying to utilize OV "profiles" to apply SPP to my BL460c Gen 10 blades. I have done this process before many times successfully. I am using the SUT drivers (2.5.5) at the OS level to upgrade my HP driver set. When I run "SUT /Deploy" or "SUT /DeployReboot" on a Windows 2016 server, I keep getting "NO action needed, firmware deployment request and ILo task queue both are empty". 

However, if I run a SUT /STATUS, it tells me I need several updates that are based on the baseline I selected in OV. I am getting these same messages on multiple servers of various Gens. I get the yellow OV status of "One or more firmware components are inconsistent with the specified firmware baseline.".  Any help would be great! 

Thanks Scott




Re: SUT Install

Hi Scott,

After you install iSUT, the default mode of iSUT is set to OnDemand mode. During every SPP upgrade, iSUT self-upgrades itself if the version of iSUT found in SPP is higher. During self-upgrade, iSUT configurations such as mode are retained. You can change the iSUT mode to an auto mode after a successful iSUT installation. To do so, use the following command:

sut –set mode=<OnDemand/AutoStage/AutoDeploy/AutoDeployReboot>

Will you please try by change the sut mode to AutoDeployReboot using below command.

sut –set mode=AutoDeployReboot

I am an HPE Employee

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