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3Par direct connect through VC Flex10/10D

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3Par direct connect through VC Flex10/10D

Ricardo has a question regarding 3PAR StoreServ and Virtual Connect:




In this image I am attaching it says we can do DAS with iSCSI, this is from the Virtual Connect Cookbook from December 2013 although it doesn’t specify which arrays are supported, in case this is really not supported just let me know so we can take actions in this project.






Reply from Vincent:




We do support VC attaching directly to 3PAR with iSCSI. If you go look in SPOCK for iSCSI connectivity with 3PAR storage systems, you will see that there is nothing specified about intermediate switches. As long as you respect what's listed in SPOCK in terms of 3PAR OS version and iSCSI initiator on the hosts, you will be supported. We've had discussions in the past with 3PAR Product Marketing and Storage Ecosystem Testing group and that was the outcome.