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4 Flex-10 VC in one 7k Chassis?

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4 Flex-10 VC in one 7k Chassis?

Hi Forum, i would like to run 4 Flex-10 VC Module in a C7k Chassis, each in slot 1,2, 5 and 6 (in 3 and 4 is already an Broadcom FC Switch). Ive never seen an example, exept in slot 1,2,3 and 4. For slot 5 and 6 i need an flex 10 adapter at mezzanine slot 2 that's clear... But is this gererally supported? And how could the wiering would looks like?

My suggestion: 
slot1 X1,2 to slot5 X1,2, X3-X6 uplink to CIsco Nexus vCP, X7,8 horiz. interconnects
slot2 X1,2 to slot6 X1,2 and X7,8 horiz, interconnects
slot5 X1,2 from slot1 X1,2 and X7,8 horit. interconnects
slot6 X1,2 from slot2 X1,2, X3-6 uplink to Cisco Nexus vPC, X7,8 horiz. interconnects

Two SUS (SUS_A and SUS_B)
Smart Link enabled or disabled???


Thanks for ideas