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Auditing VLANs in Server Profiles using CLi

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Auditing VLANs in Server Profiles using CLi

hello everyone,

I am trying to script an audit of some older Flex-10 VC's using the CLI, and need to produce a list of which VLANs arre configured on each NIC in each server profile, and the speed set for the NIC

I've had some success with:

Show profile profilename to show which ports have profiles assigned

show enet-connection Profile_Blade_16 to get the Speed etc

But as all our profiles have multiple VLANs setup, I can't quite see how to drill down into that. I am trying to produce a script that can check 50 Hosts and check they have the same Profile, VLAN & Speed assignments.. thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

I also wondered if Powershell was available for the older firmware, or if this was only for One View?

Many thanks,