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Automated backup of VC domain config

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Automated backup of VC domain config

Paul was looking to help a customer with some automated backups:




I have a customer that periodically runs a script to backup his Virtual connect domain configs. He informs me that each time a new version of VC firmware is installed some minor changes are made to the CLI commands.


He is asking if there is another way of automating the backup of the configs. Any suggestions are appreciated.




Input from Vincent:

What kind of changes ? There are 2 ways to get VC domain backups via CLI: the VCM CLI you ssh into and run the command save configbackup, and VCSU with the action configbackup. A quick glance at the documentation for either method didn't reveal any change for these commands over the last couple of years or so.


Reply from Paul:

Can these methods be scripted for MES and multiple single enclosure domains?


Reply from Fred:

Yes, this works for multi-enclosure stacked domains as well as single enclosure domains. In the case of “multiple single-enclosure domains” you’d back up each of the domains individually.