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Automating a comptuer name for a XW460C


Automating a comptuer name for a XW460C

I want to automate the image process, so we can image a set a blades without any user intervention..

I am trying to come up with a naming scheme that I can automate and be able to know where a blade is by the name.

I was leaning toward the following:

B: Blade
E: English
serial number

This sounds easy, only problem is know one else likes it, because you can't tell anything from looking at the name....

Is their a way to locate a blade easily by the serial number, without having to keep a database.

The proposed name is:


B is for Blade
E or J for language
L14 is the rack designation
C1 is the Chassis Number
01 is the blade number

So for example Blade 11 would be: BEL14C111

Only problem is how can I automate this... Or can I automate most of it...

The reason for the proposed name is making it easy to identify the name.





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Re: Automating a comptuer name for a XW460C


A few questions to start....

What are you using to Image the blades?

And what do you mean by "locate"? Do you want to physicaly find it by looking at it, remotely find which enclosure its in or something else?

Are you using insight manager?
Have you heard of the OA scripting interface or the ILO scripting tools? These may help.