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Blade Mezz. card firmware revision

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Blade Mezz. card firmware revision

Chris had a question on getting mezzanine adapter firmware info:





Does anyone know of a easy method of collecting Blade Mezzanine cards firmware and driver revision levels. I am finding the 'show all' command does not give that information.


When HPSreports is run on an individual Blade does it provide that information?




Jeroen had this to say:




No, mezz. Card revisions can only be identified at this moment by looking physically at the mezz. Board revision label sticker that is on the board itself. Even the revision that is stored in the mezz. Card FRU is not really accurate and updated when a mezz. Card changes a revision. This is under discussion at this moment.

Driver revisions are in HPSreports; we are pulling data from the SMH repository that is equal as visible in the SMH pages: Home >  software information > firmware information / Software information.




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