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C3000 Flex-10 stacking - 1 enclosure

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C3000 Flex-10 stacking - 1 enclosure

Rick had a customer that wanted o know if they could import new modules into a domain:




Customer has 2 x Flex 10 modules (Bay 1-2) in a domain. BL460G6. Mezz 1 has NC552m


He upgrades the Mezz 2 to an NC552m and enclosure bay 3-4 to Flex 10 modules.


He stacks Module 1 to 3 and 2 to 4 via HP DAC cable.


Can he import these modules to the existing domain legally without dismantling the current domain or is this not supported ?


VCFW = 3.15

OA = 3.20






Mark replied:




In theory, the Flex-10 Modules will be imported in the existing VC Domain automatically (if running 3.15) when they are installed in Bay 3-4  and the stacking will be auto-detected. It is seamless. No dismantling of the current domain.


However, you will have to update the firmware on the VC modules you are installing if they are not already running FW 3.15.

The modules will show “Incompatible” until the firmware is complete and then will be imported into the Domain.



Comments or questions? Have you done this in your environment?