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C7000 1/10Gb VC modules. More than one SUS to same switch.

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C7000 1/10Gb VC modules. More than one SUS to same switch.

Existing C7000 with following module 1 & 2 1/10GB VC Ethernet 3 & $ 1/10GB VC Ethernet with external stacking links connected from module 1 to 3 and 2 to 4.


2 Procurve 2810-24G with Trk1 on 20-24 between switches Trk2 ports 1&2 Trk3 ports 3&4 on each switch

SUS '2trunk2' lag id 24 from module 1 ports 1&2 to each switch1 Trk2 module 2 ports 1&2 to switch2 Trk2

SUS '2trunk3' lag id 24 from module 3 ports 1&2 to each switch1 Trk3 module 4 ports 1&2 to switch2 Trk3

Vlans tagged down both SUS (vlan 1001-1010 over SUS '2trunk2' and Trk2, vlan 2001-2010 over SUS '2trunk3' and Trk3) and all over Trk1 on the Procurves. All nice and been running for a couple of years no downtime.


I want to add another SUS from module1&2 ports 3&4 to Trk4 on the pair of swicthes so that a separate set of vlans can be guaranteed a 2G pipe rather than add the ports to existing SUS and sharing the bandwidth.


I have added the new trunk and SUS and assigned ports, but they only show as linked/standby, the ports on module1 show lag id 23 and on module2 lag id 25. I assume it's not possible


Finally, have I got a nasty supprise waiting for me when a module fails, as what I think is two separate SUS to Procurve Trk2 and Trk3, is actually one as they have the same lag id and I will loose some vlans on module failure as the vlans don't get tagged down both SUS and over the Procurve trunks.

Hope that makes some sense.



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Re: C7000 1/10Gb VC modules. More than one SUS to same switch.

I could be wrong here, but as I read your post I get the impression that you are mixing ports from different IC modules (i.e. bays 1 & 2) in the same UplinkSet.   Is that correct.


If so, then my understanding is that in this configuration, the ports will always be Active/Standby.    If you want all of your ports on all of your UplinkSets to be Active/Active then you need to restricts your SUS' to ports on the same IC modules and to only one switch for each SUS, so, if you currently have


SUS 1 = Mod 1(ports 1 & 2) + Mod 2(ports 1 & 2) -> Switches 1 & 2

SUS 2 = Mod 1(ports 3 & 4) + Mod 2(ports 3 & 4) -> Switches 1 & 2


change to


SUS1A = Mod 1(ports 1 & 2) -> Switch 1

SUS1B = Mod 2(ports 1 & 2) -> Switch 2


SUS2A = Mod 1(ports 3 & 4) -> Switch 2

SUS2B = Mod 2(ports 3 & 4) -> Switch 1


Set up your vLANs (say vLAN ID 5) as vLAN_5_1A, vLAN_5_2A, vLAN_5_1B,  and vLAN_5_2B, (all with ID 5), and assign them as appropriate.


I think this will give you the same redundancy as your current plan, however it should also give you all ports Active/Active.