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C7000 and Virtual Connects...

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C7000 and Virtual Connects...

I have two C7000 enclosures in production and i want to link them together so i can manage the both of them from the one login, if i link them will i lose any configuration on the virtual connects as there are multiple vlans setup on different domains...?

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Re: C7000 and Virtual Connects...

the domain config in your 2nd encloure being imported into first enclosure(which is master enclosure in VC stacking term) will be erased. 


You can check my blog VC bookmark page, there is a white paper called VC stacking guide and you can get more info there.


Stacking has pros and cons. Single enclosure domain is easier to manage and much more straightforward to troubleshoot. Ususally I don't like to use stacking unless there are greater benefit with the extra complexity Stacking brings.

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