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c7000 Enclosure electronic part number change & virtual connect impact

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c7000 Enclosure electronic part number change & virtual connect impact

Grant had an issue with a S/N change:




Can I get confirmation the changing a c7000 enclosures part number using the


SET ENCLOSURE PART_ NUMBER command in production  with Virtual Connect modules will have no unforeseen issues (ie outage).


I remember reading somewhere that the enclosure serial number is somehow tied to VC and changing the serial number would cause issues.


I just need to change the part number as this was entered incorrectly when the mid-plane was changed out previously.




Some info:




Input from Lawrance:

Hi Grant,


I can confirm that changing the serial number on the chassis after a mid plane replacement (and the field engineer forgot to set the s/n) will cause VC to crash, based on my experience with VC code 2.xx.


I suspect this would still be the case with VC code 4.xx but will defer to the VC gurus on this forum! 


From Mark:

A long time ago, before OA 3.20, you had to manually change it, and if you forgot, Domain was marked stale (i.e lost). But not anymore;.




Reply from Grant:

The issue I have is virtual connect modules were retrofitted and configured at a later date after the incorrect product/part number was set.


From the information below I cannot see anything about the product/part number causing issues if changed.


So hopefully changing the part/product number with the SET ENCLOSURE PART_ NUMBER will not cause any outages.


Any confirmation would be appreciated.


Input from Mark:

Virtual Connect does not save/record or key off the Enclosure Part #.

If you created X Domain in a C7000 enclosure and the serial # is Y, after you replace the midplane, the Serial # needs to be set to Y.

OA 3.20 automatically re-writes the Serial # when it detects the Midplane has been changed. Before 3.20 it was a manual process.


If you set the Serial # to Z (not Y), the Domain will be marked stale.

So whatever the Serial # of the enclosure was when the Domain was created, is what it has to stay at.

If it changes to something else, you will be required to restore from Backup or Stored configuration and likely select “ignore serial #” to recover enclosure.


VC, Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager, and Insight Control use the enclosure serial number as

a critical key. If you replace the midplane assembly without ensuring that the serial number is

restored prior to installing the VC modules and server blades, then the VC domain is deleted and

all server network and SAN connections are disabled .