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Can I restore a Virtual Connect profile backup to new upgraded modules?

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Can I restore a Virtual Connect profile backup to new upgraded modules?

Stephen had a customer question:




Hello all,


I have a customer who is upgrading their c7000 enclosures from 4 HP 1/10GB-F VC-Enet modules to 2 HP VC Flex-10 Enet modules and 2 HP 4GB VC-FC modules to 2 HP VC 8GB 20-Port FC Modules.


Question –

What is the best way, if any, to move their existing profile information to the new modules? Can you restore a backup of the profile that was taken with the old modules into the new ones? This will save them about 3 hours of time reconfiguring.




Carl replied:

I don’t know for sure if the backup/restore will work in that scenario – my inclination is to say no.


However you can take the configuration and generate a script which can be used to configure the new Flex10 environment. The script can even restore profiles right down to the MAC addresses.


Pierre also chimed in:

I am working on a similar project. The backup/restore do not work, it will give you an error message that you try to restore to a different model of VC. The backup parser tools will not work out of the box. I did find that the backup parser tools do not transfer all the information in the scripts. In my case the virtual serial number was not transfer, some SNMP settings do not transfer and may be some other I did not validate all the settings.


I have a case open with L2 to get proper instruction, from their input you cannot use the select checkbox to keep the Virtual WWN and Virtual MAC in the backup parser tools to have them in the scripts. So far my research bring me to the fact that you have to rebuild the domain manually. You might be able by script, but I think you cannot preserve virtual MAC, virtual Serial Number or Virtual WWN because the script might not build all the profile in the same order as the original VC domain.


If you cannot assign the same WWN, MAC and Serial number you will have to rebuild the zoning, reconfigure network teaming drivers, and if you have licenses configure with serial number you will have to regenerate licenses.


In my case I was able to recreate the domain in a VC simulator to identify the order of profile creation, all the MAC, WWN and Serial number get assign as the original VC domain. I still have to go to the customer site and user that same order to recreate the VC domain.


If someone have a better way please jump in. This is the best way I did find out.




Any experiences you would like to share on this subject?