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Combination of VC FlexFabric's X1-X4 Uplinks

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Combination of VC FlexFabric's X1-X4 Uplinks

Peng had a FlexFabric question:




We know that VC FlexFabric's X1-X4 ports can be used for

10Gb Ethernet or 2/4/8Gb auto-negotiating Fibre Channel connections to external LAN or SAN switches.


Is there any limitation for combination of these four ports?

For example, all should be used as either Ethernet or FC simultaneously or all four can use Ethernet and FC separately?




Info from Chris:




There is no such restriction in VC FF.

They can be used as 10 Gb Ethernet or 2/4/8 Gb FC in any combination. 


As you know X1-X4 ports cannot be used for 1 Gb Ethernet.




Any other comments or questions?