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Data Flow !!

Valued Contributor

Data Flow !!

Hello Everyone ! 

I am looking for a small explanataion as to how data would flow from one VM to another. 

In this example, lets say I have - 

1. Two ESX Servers with one VM each ( VM1 and VM2 ) 

2. Both the ESX servers are conencted to Flex10 modules. 

3. Flex10 are inturn conencted to core switches, and Flex 10 are connected to each other as well with stacking. 

4. Both VM are on the same network/same VLAN. 

I am attaching a sample diagram as well. 


Now, my question is, if data needs to travel between VM1 to VM2, which flow would it take ? Will it be - 

VM1 > ESX1 > FlexA > FlexB  > ESX2 > VM2   


VM1 > ESX1 > FlexA > Core Switch1 > Flex B > ESX2 > VM2 

Will tunnel mode on VC or SUS make a difference to traffic flow ?