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Device bays show status "other"

Regular Advisor

Device bays show status "other"

We have a C7000 chassis that has been running with no issues for a while.  Over the weekend, the active OA module locked up.  It didn't failover, it just didn't respond.  I physically removed and reinserted the OA and the secondary one took over and everything seemed OK


When I logged into Virtual Connect, I got a popup that I needed to re-enter the OA credentials (I don't remember the exact wording).  I re-entered them and after a little while Virtual Connect came up fine.


However, in the OA console, every blade now has the while circle with the exclamation mark and shows a status of "other".  Everything seems to be working, but how do I clear those status?  Do I need to remove/readd each blade to the chassis?


Can/should I reset the VC Manager?  Will that cause any outage to the blades?


This is a production environment, so I don't want to do anything to interrupte operations of the blades.