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DMZ Configuration on Blade Servers Issue

Occasional Contributor

DMZ Configuration on Blade Servers Issue

Hi ,


We have C7000 enclosure and BL 460 C G7 servers which We need to configure multiple V LAN  networks on the same blade server profile so it can be reflected on the OS and must be linked simultaneously ?


We would also need to configure DMZ VLAN require to be added on same Blade machine on which we have our Virtual Area Network so that the Hyper V client VM can be added to DMZ zone VLAN.


Can anyone help on the scenario I would appreciate any asssistance 




Ather Ali Faisal

Trusted Contributor

Re: DMZ Configuration on Blade Servers Issue

Which Network Interconnect are you running?

If you have Virtual Connect Flex-10 or FlexFabric I know exactly how to do this.
But even with Cisco or HPN Switches it should still be possible using VLAN Tagging.

Here is the Hyper-V Cookbook for Virtual Connect FlexFabric that discuses how to do this. Flex-10 would be similar but without the FCoE stuff.