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Enterasys Switch Configuration for Virtual Connect

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Enterasys Switch Configuration for Virtual Connect



one of my customers have a existing c7000 with two HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Enet Modules.

The VC Modules should be connected to new Enterasys 10GB/s Core Switches. Each Module to a seperate Switch.


Because each Module should be connected with 4x 10GB/s Cables i have to configure a LACP LAG on the Enterasys Switches.

The Switch-Admin asked what he should configure on the Switches.


Because i did not find a whitepaper how i should configure a trunk on a enterasys switch, i am searching for a official HP statement which i can give to the Switch-Admin.


How far i know he should configure a (active) LACP LAG, right?

Are there any other things he should know or configure?


Thanks for any help!

Kind Regards