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Error mixing VC Flex-10 with Brocade SAN switch at C3000

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Error mixing VC Flex-10 with Brocade SAN switch at C3000

Chielsin had a problem with interconect modules on a c3000 enclosure:




I mix VC Flex-10 (bay 1) and Brocade SAN switch (bay 2) in a C3000 enclosure using SBW-Configurator, and got below error. (Usually no error)




As far as I know, the only limitation is in interconnect bay1, we must put Ethernet interconnect only.

There is no explanation about this at quickspec too.


Do we have this limitation of mixing interconnect?




Input from Marc:




This is against the enclosure population rules for the c3000:


“The use of an HP VC-Enet in bay 1 and a Fibre Channel module (for example, VC-FC, SNA

switch, or FC pass-thru) in bay 2 is not supported in c3000 enclosures.”


Page 17 of the “HP Virtual Connect for c-Class BladeSystem Setup and Installation Guide” here:




And info from Fred:




The SIG Marc mentioned indicates this restriction isn’t just for C3000 enclosures. The table on pages 18 and 19 explains valid and invalid combinations of modules in horizontally adjacent bays and has the following statement in the last row: “Do not mix VC and non-VC (switch or pass-thru) modules in horizontally adjacent bays.”