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Failover connection mode fail back

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Failover connection mode fail back



Suppose we configure two external uplink ports in a failover connection mode, first one on VC1 (primary) and the second one on VC2 (secondary).

With Fast MAC Cache enable, when uplink port on VC1 fails, uplink port on VC2 switchs on active mode and sends gratuitous arp which enables the external Ethernet switches to identify the new connection (and update their MAC caches appropriately).

What's happen when uplink port on VC1 fail back ? Does it send a gratuitous arp again ?


In case of VC1 failed, what is the behavior when VC1 fail back ?

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Re: Failover connection mode fail back

VC will do fast mac cache refresh for both scenarios. The key thing is if there is a new ACTIVE uplink for this vnet, then VC will refresh its MAC cache.

the packets are not strictly gratuitous arp, VC uses a heartbeat frame as defined by HP Proliant Network Adapter Teaming white paper:

The destination address of Heartbeat frames is 03-00-C7-00-00-EE
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