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Firmware update of VC Flex-10 failure to activate modules & backup wont restore

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Firmware update of VC Flex-10 failure to activate modules & backup wont restore

OK, Firstly - This is a long one - so apologies up front...


I have a case open thats currently with level 2 support, but I thought I'd run this by you all.


I have 12 Bladecenters that I look after & am quite familliar with the whole firmware update procedure using the VCSU.


2 of the 12 have 4GB FC-VC modules installed & one have these has the 1/10GB Flex modules - so I cant apply v3.70 to these modules - only v3.60. The remaining Bladecenter has 2x 10GB Flex-10 VC & 2x 4GB FC-VC modules.


They were running OA v3.31 & VC v3.30. I need to install a Gen8 blade in this Bladecenter as I need to use the Fibre, so I must update this to accept the Gen8 Server.


I performed a manual healthcheck - even though v1.7 of the VCSU does it automatically. Performed my own backup of the VC Config & upgraded to V3.51. This was successful. I then updated to v3.60 & this was also successful. I then updated th OA's to v3.60.


The final stage was to perform a backup & update the VC's to v3.70.


I applied the update. The tool stopped at 20% & timed out after 90+ mins. It applied the update to bay 2 & failed to update bays 1, 3 & 4. At this point I couldnt log in to the VC Domain using an admin account or the factory default Administrator account. Servers in the Bladecenter were showing as degraded.


I restarted the VC module in bay2 to ensure the update had been applied correctly & indeed, the information tab via the OA module indicated that the device was running firmware v3.70. I still couldnt log in to either module using the GUI or SSH. I left the VC Domain to try & sort itself out for approx 30 mins. I still couldnt log in.


I then attempted to reset the VC module in bay1. All Servers in the Bladecenter then went offline. I couldnt log in to either VC module & had to pull a module & reset it via the dip switch.


Once I had dont this - I logged in & re-imported the enclosure. I left the vc modules to settle & complete their checkpoint. I had no shared uplink sets or VLANS so restored from backup. This completed, but when I logged in, the wizard had re launched & I had to re import the enclosure again. There were no restored shared uplink sets or VLANS. I attempted to restore the backup file that I created & I attempted to restore the backup file created by the VCSU tool. Both failed.


If I force downgrade the VC Modules back to v3.60, the backup file restores correctly & the shaderd uplink sets are back along with all my networks/VLANS etc.


Has anyone had any simmilar issues upgrading to v3.70?


I have other Bladecenters with just 10GB VC Flex-10 modules & they have updated without issue, its just the Bladecenter that has the additional 4GB FC-VC modules that seems to have caused me the pain...


Let me know if you have seen anything like this & of course I will update you all as & when I hear back from support..