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Flex-10 VC Ethernet snmp v3

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Flex-10 VC Ethernet snmp v3

I have two flex-10 VC switches in a c7000.  I have a snmp v3 user set up on them.  On 20 September, I was able to run an snmp query and see the status of the external ports.  Today, when I try, I get "invalid user."  I've logged back in and checked.  The setup looks correct.  Any ideas on why it is not responding to a valid snmp query it did just a short time ago?  Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?


Re: Flex-10 VC Ethernet snmp v3

Was any changes made, especially to the user credentials?

This looks like either a genuine user crendential failure of a SNMP V3 issue.

May be try re-configuring it with a new user and see if it works. If it does try testing it after sometinme to see if behavior repeats.

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