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FlexFabric 10/24 connected to Procurve 5406zl

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FlexFabric 10/24 connected to Procurve 5406zl

Hi there have a C7000 with a pair of flex fabric VC 10/24 units, each has a SFP-RJ45 units that are connected to a 1G port on the 5406zl switch. In the HP virtual connect Manager it is correctly showing me which port on the 5406zl the SFP module is patched to. I am taking this as a sign that the switch and the VC are passing information correctly. However, I cant get the BL460 servers to communicate with the wider network over the SUS I have created that contains the SFP links. The server profile contains the SUS  and I can see a pair of 533 NIC's in the Windows operating system that are connected to an "unidentified network".   Any suggestions on what to check or where to start troubleshooting would be absolutely AWESOME at this point.

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Re: FlexFabric 10/24 connected to Procurve 5406zl

Seems to be a vlan configuration issue

Did you map correctly vlan in profile ,is connection are ok between SFP and
Upper switch problem are in mapping on profile

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