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Hide FlexNIC Server Profile Option Hides Incorrect FlexNIC's and Mezz Card NIC's


Hide FlexNIC Server Profile Option Hides Incorrect FlexNIC's and Mezz Card NIC's



2 x c7000 Enclosure, 4 x VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24 Modules Stacked

OA are v4.01, VC's are v4.10

Blades are all BL460c Gen8 with 2 x Port Emulex FlexFabric 554FLB mapped to VC's in Bays 1-2, plus 4 x Port Intel 366M Mezz Card mapped to GbE2c Layer 2/3 Switches Bays 5-8.

All Blade Firmware up to SPP 2014.06

Using ESXi 5.5 u2 Novemeber 2014 HP Build


OA's / VC's all upgraded recently to firmware above. Upgarde went fine. No issues until I enabled the new VC v4.10 feature 'Hide FlexNIC's'  in a server profile.


This correctly hid the unused FlexNIC's for some servers. On others it did nothing and did not hide the unused FlexNIC's. On other servers it bizzarely hid some of the Intel 366M ports instead, sometimes one or two of them, sometimes all of them, completely disabling the card altogether which then no longer appears in the adapter list in ESX 5.5 u2.


Unfortunately, switching off the 'Hide FlexNIC' option in the profile does not result in these incorrectly hidden NIC's reappearing, though on one or two servers some of the NIC's have returned after a number of reboots, though not all.


I have tried this on a Windows OS as well and the result is the same. I have tried a fresh build of ESXi 5.5 u2 (i.e with no pre-existing network configuration), and the missing NIC's are still not detected so they have definately been unpresented. I have tried creating a new Server Profile in VC and applying this to an affected server - something this makes no difference; sometimes it results in one or two of the missing NIC's returning. I have tried upgrading one of the Blades to SPP 2014.09, but no difference in behaviour has been seen.


VC itself also shows some confusing information for the affected server blades (see attached). For example, Port d6 shows a 'Hide FlexNIC' enabled profile applied to a server. The display would seem to indicate that all ports have been "Administratively Hidden", including active ones with active networks. However, on the actual server they are still visible and operating normally. Port d7 below shows a server without 'Hide FlexNIC's' applied to the profile for comparison.


The conclusion would seem to be that there is a massive bug in the VC firmware that is incorrectly disabling FlexNIC's and Mezz NIC's on these blades when 'Hide FlexNIC's' is enabled, a bug that persists after the change is reverted, even on non-FlexNIC's. Has anyone witnessed a similar such effect with this feature, or am I alone?