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How to force reset of Virtual Connect Flex-10 module?

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How to force reset of Virtual Connect Flex-10 module?

Robert wanted to reset the VC Flex-10 modules for a customer:



Question:  How do you reset the configuration of a Flex-10 module if you cannot access it from the GUI or SSH?


Lee jumped into the problem:



                I asked the customer the remove both modules and only replace the bay 1 module until the VCM comes up, then plug in the bay 2 module.  I’ve never tried it, but I’ll assume it works that way.


The real question is this:  What if the customer can’t remove the modules in a situation like this, i.e. no DC access.  Is there a way to force the module in bay 1 to take over Primary?  Is there some undocumented feature that can force a module to be primary if both are showing secondary?


Greg got involved:


Via the OA you can either poweroff or reset any interconnect or device bay


Affecting this on VC2 would force the VC1 to become primary.


Note:  You need to be VERY confident that the hosted OS loads are well connected as far as network paths are concerned, ie. teamed via both VC1 and VC2


To which Cullen remarked:


Based on my experience, it can take quite a long time (more than 15 minutes) for a module to become VCM primary when you power down the other module.



Any other input here? Let us know.