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HP VC FlexFabric and Network sniffing

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HP VC FlexFabric and Network sniffing



I need help with configuring VC in order to have network sniffing working on one of blade servers.

Networking guys provided on Cisco switch on port where traffic is coming. We have connected cable from that Cisco device to X5 port on VC FlexFabric.


Network sniffing software is installed on one of blade servers.


We have created new network, assigned port x5 to that network and added that network to blade server. I can see that port is connected but sniffing doesnt work. It looks like some traffic is missing. When I connect my laptop to that same cable and start wireshark, i can sniff traffic without problem.

Are there any setting on VC that has to be enabled in order to sniffing start working?


Thank you!



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Re: HP VC FlexFabric and Network sniffing

I haven't done it but I believe what you are looking for is under Ethernet/Port Monitoring.  It looks like you select your analyzer port and then the port you want to monitor.