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HP Virtual Connect 8Gb 24-Port Fibre Channel Module for BladeSystem c-Class

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HP Virtual Connect 8Gb 24-Port Fibre Channel Module for BladeSystem c-Class

John ran into a customer problem with Fibre Channel:




I ran into a situation in which during configuration of the Brocade DCX running v7.1.0a, we could not determine what is the appropriate "portcfgfillword" mode to set for the  HP Virtual Connect 8Gb 24-Port FC Module.


Currently, the DCX port specific port "portcfgfillword" mode is set to 0 - the default.


What should be the HP Virtual Connect setting...?!




Input from Dave:




From page 13:




• When VC 8Gb 20-port FC Module and VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Module Fibre Channel uplink

ports are configured to operate at 8Gb speed and connect to HP B-series (Brocade) Fibre Channel SAN

switches, the minimum supported version of the Brocade Fabric OS (FOS) is v6.4.x. In addition, the Fill

Word on those switch ports must be configured with option Mode 3 to prevent connectivity issues at

8Gb speed.

On HP B-series (Brocade) FC switches, use the portCfgFillWord (portCfgFillWord <Port#>

<Mode>) command to configure this setting.

Mode Link Init/Fill Word




Mode 3 If ARBF/ARBF fails, use IDLE/ARBF

Modes 2 and 3 are compliant with FC-FS-3 specifications (standards specify the IDLE/ARBF behavior of

Mode 2, which is used by Mode 3 if ARBF/ARBF fails after 3 attempts).


For most environments, Brocade

recommends using Mode 3, as it provides more flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of

devices. In the event that the default setting or Mode 3 does not work with a particular device, contact

your switch vendor for further assistance.




Other comments or suggestions?