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HP Virtual Connect port mirroring

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HP Virtual Connect port mirroring

Mohammed had a Port Mirroring question:




Customer needs to monitor the traffic of the Virtual Connect uplink ports, can we configure port mirroring for one of the uplink port and use this port for monitor …

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Input from Jim:




VC supports port mirroring or monitoring of server NIC traffic to a VC uplink on the same VC module (equivalent to Cisco’s SPAN) additionally RSPAN on an external Cisco switch port will work in combination with VC’s port monitoring feature, to send mirrored server blade traffic to any remote device in the network.


You might additionally consider the port mirroring capability on the Distributed Switch in a VMware environment with monitoring ingress, egress or all traffic of a port.


It provides a similar port mirroring capability that is available on a physical network switch. After a port mirror session is configured with a destination—a virtual machine, a vmknic or an uplink port—the Distributed Switch copies packets to the destination virtual machine, vmknic or uplink port.




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