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Interconnect efuse?

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Interconnect efuse?

Scot had a customer question regarding the resetting of the interconnect modules:




I cant find a similar interconnect command to the Blade Server “reset server #”. If I type “reset interconnect #” I get syntax error. Does “reset” or poweroff” reset any effuse or are these “efuse’s” only in server bays?






Input from Monty:




There is an efuse located on each interconnect  – but the OA does not have a user command to reset that efuse.


Do you have a use case for such an efuse reset for an interconnect module?


The OA CLI and GUI poweroff/poweron interconnect should be sufficient.


The reason we added the OA CLI “reset server” command was to restore lost network communication with the iLO on the server.  This is needed as the iLO remains powered regardless of the server power state.


On the interconnect modules – the management CPU is turned off in addition to the rest of the interconnect when the OA power on/off interconnect command is used.




Comments or questions?



Re: Interconnect efuse?

There is a command to reset the Virtual Connect Manager :
Command to be run in Virtual Connect Support Utility
vcutil -a resetvcm (This is non-disruptive as this resets the management part and not the VC Traffic)

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