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LOM Mappings

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LOM Mappings

Hello Guys ! 

A quick question related to one of our setup.  

Server is 460 Gen 8 

Currently : LOM1 and LOM2 are mapped to Bay1 Flex10 and Bay2 Flex10.   Mezzanine card is mapped to Bay 5.  

The above is by design. 

Issue :  If both LOM's go faulty, everything is stopped. 

Future : Is this possible > 

LOM1 > Maps to Bay 1 

LOM2 > Maps to Bay 5 (and not Bay 2)

Mezz > Maps to Bay 7 

Basically, we are looking for - 

Blade NIC1 (4 vNIC)  = Maps to Bay 1 

Blade NIC2 ( 4 vNIC) =  Maps to Bay5 

Blade Mezz Nic  = Maps to Bay7  

Does this makes sense ? 

WIth the above, even if LOM1 port goes bad, it would still have mezzanine to connect. 

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Re: LOM Mappings

all connections to the interconnect bays are hard wired.

>> Issue : If both LOM's go faulty

this is not a single failure, however, consider clustered systems for more redundancy.

Hope this helps!

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