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Maximizing uplink bandwidth; ok to steal a Virtual Connect horizontal stacking link?

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Maximizing uplink bandwidth; ok to steal a Virtual Connect horizontal stacking link?

Michael had a question about using the Virtual Connect cross connect stacking links:



Let’s say you are interested in maximizing upstream bandwidth from a VC Flex-10 module. How practical is it to use X7 or X8 as an uplink, leaving on only the one remaining horizontal stacking link?  Have any of you recommended this configuration to a customer that has a reasonable concern about availability?


Lee responded with his insights:


Are they considering Active/Active? I would assume so since they want to maximize bandwidth for the downlink connections. With that in mind and if they are setting preference order on the NICs or using an AA connection (like VMware) then the cross link will only have internal networks, checkpoint traffic, and blade to blade communication. The concern I have is for 7, 10Gb connections they must have a serious IO profile on their application and if 10Gb of crosslink connectivity would be enough. I believe that was the reason behind the bump to 20Gb for the Flex10 modules.


I do know a few customers which haven’t been able to go to 10Gb on their core network and as a result they are using the x7 port for additional 1Gb uplink connections, but one customer’s IO profile coming off the chassis was 300Mb at peak over 120 days. I suggested that they monitor the connectivity on the switch side long term and right fit the uplinks. I hope this helps.



Let us know your thoughts and suggestions. Are you using your cross links for uplinks and why?