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Migrating from Cisco 3120 to Procurve switch

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Migrating from Cisco 3120 to Procurve switch

Question from Scott:




I’m positive that this is an offline operation, but maybe I’m wrong.  Any way to displace a couple of Cisco 3x20 switches in bays 1 and 2 with a pair of 10 GbE Procurve (ie while servers are up)?  I know that there is no support for different interconnects in adjacent bays.


With that said, if they broke any NIC teams, disabled any ISL between the Ciscos, and removed one, could they conceivably introduce the Procurve switch and then do the same operation to introduce the second one?




Input from Chuck:




Supported No, Feasible Yes.


My Disclaimer:  I have done this, but with different switches-and not in production. 


The Onboard Administrator (OA) didn’t complain because there really isn’t a technology mismatch between the server and the interconnect, so the interconnect powered up just fine.  The servers basically didn’t care which switch they were plugged into. Depending on how you have the nics setup, you will obviously lose connectivity from the point that you pull the old switch out to when you have the new one plugged in and configured.


You may want to consider putting the new switches into unused bays first so that you can configure them in advance.  If they are preconfigured/cabled, you could leave your nic teams in place.


Good luck!




ANy other help for Scott?