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Mixing 4Gb and 8Gb FC-VC Modules in c7000

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Mixing 4Gb and 8Gb FC-VC Modules in c7000

I am in the process of obtaining a new c7000 enclosure and I am intending to migrate some of my existing systems to this new enclosure, and also upgrading the blades to newer models.      I use all full height blades and normally put FC HBA's on Mezz2 and Mezz3.    In my old enclosures, these are 4Gb FC, talking to 4Gb FC-VC Modules in Interconnect Bays 5-8.


I am thinking about having the new enclosure configured with 8Gb FC-VC Modules in Bays 5 & 6, and have the new blades configured with 8Gb HBA's on Mezz2, (This is primarily because of the cost).


I occurred to me that I could transfer a 4Gb HBA from each of my old blades and install them in Mezz3 in the new blades, and also move the old 4Gb FC-VC modules from bays 7 & 8 (in the old enclosure), over to the new enclosure (obviously also bays 7 & 8).


Does anyone know of any prohibition against doing this, or can anyone suggest any reason why I shouldn't do this??


Is anyone already doing it?


Note::    The old blades are bl860c (Itanium), and the new blades are bl860c I2's.     The operating system is OpenVMS