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Module swap - Virtual Connect Flex-10 to Virtual Connect Flex 10/10D

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Module swap - Virtual Connect Flex-10 to Virtual Connect Flex 10/10D

Ed had a customer question about VC module upgrades:




One more customer question.



Do we have any special considerations when moving from Flex-10 to Flex-10/10D?

I’ve read through the migration guide and I see where we can migrate from the 1/10s to Flex-10/10D or from FlexFabric to the new 20/40-F8.

I didn’t see a Flex-10 to Flex-10D section.

Would it be the same?
What about MACs and WWNs?



The customer essentially is asking this:


“… any issues with our Virtual Connect swap from Flex-10 to Flex-10/10D modules?  Can you give me a rundown on the steps that will be involved during this process? 


We talked to someone else at HP a week ago about the process.  What I took from this conversation was that all we would have to do is to backup the domain configuration, shutdown all blades, swap out the modules, and restore the domain config.  I forgot to ask him about whether or not we needed to do anything from the VCEM perspective.  Any HP documents on this process would be appreciated.


Currently we have this enclosure in VCEM in a domain group by itself.  Once we swap out the modules, we would like to add this to an existing domain group that already has the flex-10/10D modules. “




Input from Herman:




You can’t restore a backup config file from a Flex-10 domain to a Flex-10/10D domain.  You should follow the steps in the migration guide to preserve the profiles.  In general non-VCEM environments, The steps from Section 1 will apply when migrating from Flex-10 to Flex-10/10D (it’s easier because there are no config changes on the uplink ports unless you want to expand the number of uplinks used).


However, because VCEM is involved, you want to refer to page 19 of the doc because it addresses VCEM: