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More on Virtual Connect crosslinks or stacking links

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More on Virtual Connect crosslinks or stacking links

Bart was looking for more info on stacking links on Virtual Connect modules:






We all know that we need at least 1 crosslink enabled between 2 adjacent VC modules and that we need to interconnect (stack) them vertically if we have 2 pair of modules in one enclosure, but I can’t find it back in any documentation (UG) or cookbook. Are these requirements missing in the manuals or did I overlook them or is this no longer a requirement?  I need it black on white to convince a customer…




Diane found some info:




More documentation for this:


The current VC FlexFabric 10 Gb/24-port module includes eight SFP+ connections for uplinks to external Ethernet and native Fibre Channel switches over fiber optic or copper cables.

With this module, you can use four ports to connect to Ethernet switches and four ports to connect to either Ethernet switches or native Fibre Channel switches. As with existing VC Ethernet modules, there are also two internal cross-connect links for redundancy that are shared with two of the Ethernet-only faceplate ports. If you use one or both of these cross-connect links, the corresponding faceplate port is not available.

You can stack VC FlexFabric modules the same way you do with existing Ethernet VC Ethernet modules. You can use any of the faceplate SFP+ for stacking up to four enclosures. As with the HP Fibre Channel VC modules, this module does not support Fibre Channel data transfer across stacking links.  (page 15)




Does that help?? Comments or questions? I also use the Multi-Enclosure Stacking Cookbook for more info. Check it out.

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Re: More on Virtual Connect crosslinks or stacking links

None of the documents say only one internal cross connect is enough for proper VC redundancy (all point to the disconnect of internal links once sfp is used).

Do we have any documentation pointing to the Internal cross connect requirement or technical deep dive on the failovers between VCs?