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Moving from Cisco 3120 to HP Virtual Connect

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Moving from Cisco 3120 to HP Virtual Connect

Hari had a customer question about migration:




We have one of our customer who is moving from existing Cisco 3120 based blade switch to Virtual connect .The customer network team is convinced about the virtual connect product but still has asked the HP team to inform them any risks/issues (protocol support , configuration changes to be taken into account.


I am planning to inform them only the below points , pls do let me know if we need to include any more relevant information from migration perspective.



1.Configuring VTP, or VLAN Trunking Protocol,

Workaround: Add every VLAN that needs to be trunked on a VC uplink port.



2.DTP, or Dynamic Trunking Protocol.

Workaround: Disable DTP on the directly connected Cisco switch ports using the command “switchport nonegotiate”


3.Cisco Discovery protocol : VC doesn’t support so no need to worry.


4.STP: No need to worry.




Lionel had some input:




Also if they use the 3120 stacking feature, make sure they do not use the SLB NIC teaming on the Blade servers with VC (i.e. LACP, VC only supports NFT or TLB)


Make sure as well they do not reach the maximum VLAN number supported by VC (28, 128, 320)


If they want to create port channels to connect the VC modules to the upstream switches, they have to enable LACP and not any other proprietary protocols (like EtherChannel)


Concerning CDP, you can introduce the industry standard protocol that VC uses (LLDP) and it might be useful to get the upstream switch port information for a correct LACP configuration, troubleshooting, etc.


ACLs, Private VLAN, QoS could be as well something interesting to bring to the discussion if used on the 3120




Any other input?