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Moving switches from c3000 to c7000

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Moving switches from c3000 to c7000

K had a customer question:




My customer is asking if they move Cisco network and Brocade FC switches from a c3000 to a c7000 enclosure are you able to retain the configuration on the switches in the new enclosure?




From Robert:




There is nothing that will prevent the Cisco 3020 from loading it’s old configuration in the new chassis.  But keep in mind that in a c3000 chassis, all of the LOM ports (1 and 2) connect to interconnect bay1, and the Mezz1 ports connect interconnect bay2.  So there will be some server port mapping considerations.  Refer to the ‘HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure Quick Setup Instructions’ at the link below in the ‘Mapping to Interconnect Ports’ chapter.


And the c7000 mappings:  The server port mappings are significantly different between the two enclosures.




Any other suggestions or comments?