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Moving VC config from one chassis to another?

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Moving VC config from one chassis to another?

Brian had a VC movement quesiton:




I have a customer who has several chassis in production on VC 1/10 modules.  They have built new configuration in a lab environment which will be going to Flex-10 and all new blades.  They want to rip and replace the current production blades and virtual connect modules.  Is there are an easy way to do this.


I was thinking the following


1.Backup the lab config via the gui or cli.

2. Blank the lab config and chassis

3. Blank the production config and chassis

4. Move the blades and modules to the production chassis

5. Restore the config from the lab environment and tell it to ignore the chassis serial number


Is there a way to export a config file in a scriptable configuration similar to sssu on the EVA?




Input from Vincent:




If I follow you correctly, you would essentially be changing the enclosure, taking the Flex-10 modules and blade servers from the lab enclosure and putting them in the production one, right ? If so, backing up the config of the lab enclosure when it has the Flex-10 modules and restoring it on the production enclosure after you have moved the modules and servers should work. Actually it might work even without restoring as the modules will carry their config with them, and you might just have to restore the communication with the OA.


If you’re running firmware 3.30 or later, “show config” will create a scriptable configuration of the VC domain.




Other input for Brian?