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Multi-Enclosure Domain - VC-FC issues

Regular Advisor

Multi-Enclosure Domain - VC-FC issues

We have been using Virtual Connect since the start. We only recently have been getting into multi-enclosure domains (v2.31 with oa 2.60). We are currrently building 3 enclosure domains that have Flex10's as the VCM's linked to VCE modules in slots 3 and 4. We then have 4 VC-FC modules in slots 5-8.



I just read that stacked domains max out at 16 VC-FC modules per domain. Is this true? That extremely limiting considering a domain can span 4 enclosures of which you could have 32 FC modules in there.


We are having issues with VCM not seeing the proper status of the VC-FC modules in the secondary enclosures (which have been successfully imported).  We sometimes see them logged into the fabric but no WWN information is available.  When we reset the FC modules they lose their OA communication and never regain it. Ethernet resources are fine. We stack the enclosures using X7 ports on the Flex10 modules.


Anyone been working with this stuff? It would sure be nice for HP to program some more diagnostic intelligence into the GUI. I've gathered logs via the VCSU and will probably open a case with HP soon.



Regular Advisor

Re: Multi-Enclosure Domain - VC-FC issues

My bad on my first question.. 16 VCFC modules max is OK, I was thinking ports. Doh