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Multi Enclosure - Stacking and VC Domains

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Multi Enclosure - Stacking and VC Domains

We have 2 C7000 enclosures.


Enc 1

16x BL460c G1 Blades

2x VC 1/10Gb-F modules in Bay 1 and 2


Enc 2

16 BL460c G6 Blades

2x VC Flex-10 Modules in Bay 1 and 2


Currently the enclosures are in defferent racks and only have a 1G cross connect

Each enclosure has it's own SAN connected by 2x 10Gb DAC cables to the C7000s


We plan to move the 2x enclosures and 2x SANs into one rack and share the 2x SANs with all blades in both enclosures.


We have considered changing to a single VC Domain - is this possible with differing modules in the enclosures.

I've read it's not recommended to have the the 1/10Gb-F VC modules as the base domain when using Flex-10 modules in other enclosures nut is it possible and not remommended because of some caveat which may not be relevant to us or is it just not possible outright? Can we do it the other way by having the Flex-10 modules as the base domain and the 1/10GB-F modules as the remote enclosure?


If we plan to use CX-4 stacking links to link the 2 enclosures to share connectivity and SANs is it a requirement to have a single VC domain or can we still achieve this with separate VC Domains in each enclosure?


Are there any other arguements for or against a single VC domains considering what we are trying to achieve?


Are there any other limitations like if we decide to throw a pair of Flex-10 modules into say port 5 and 6 of Enc 1 down the line with this be possible in a single VC domain if the second enclosure only has modules in bay 1 and 2?



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Re: Multi Enclosure - Stacking and VC Domains

Look at


page 31:




All enclosures must have the same FC and FlexFabric module configuration.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Multi Enclosure - Stacking and VC Domains

Thanks for that, however we dont have and FC or Flexfabric modules

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Re: Multi Enclosure - Stacking and VC Domains

If we keep the enclosures with separate VC domains can we still use the stacking links to allow servers in one enclosure to access networks in the other enclosure?