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Multi-Enclosure Stacking (MES) Question

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Multi-Enclosure Stacking (MES) Question

Brian had a customer question:





Hi All


My customer has an existing MES configuration with two stacked c7000 enclosures each with VC Flex-10 installed in bay 1&2 – These are currently running VCM Version 2.32


They want to add a new enclosure to the stack – The new Flex-10 modules will be at VCM Version 3.15


I feel uncomfortable doing this unless the VCM versions are the same on all enclosures - Although I cannot see any documentation stating this is not allowed


The customer does not want to upgrade the existing enclosures from Version 2.32 as this version is seen as stable.


Are mixed VCM versions allowed? Or should we downgrade the new modules to 2.32 to match the existing version.?




David replied:




I think you could do what you want to do but it wouldn’t be recommended.  In fact, version 3.15 firmware forward has logic that would prevent you from trying to mix firmware versions in a domain of multi-enclosure stacking.  I’m not sure that with an existing domain under command of 2.32 whether or not inserting the 3.15 module invokes the rule, but certainly the other way around would be enforced…Bottom line, the new rule has been created to avoid problems that have been experienced in the past with mixed firmware in a multi-enclosure stack.




Comments or other input for Brian and his customer?