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Multi-Enclosure Stacking (MES) with cx4 cables

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Multi-Enclosure Stacking (MES) with cx4 cables

Avi had a stacking question:




I have MES with 4 enclosures.

I familiar with the best practice for an MES stack, but one of the enclosure is with VC 1/10-F, so the Customer used CX4 cables  for stacking. We plane to remove the enclosure with the  VC 1/10-F  from the domain.

The domain will stay with 3 enclosures with two VC Flex-10 modules on each.

If customer continue to use Only  the cx4 cables , So on 3 enclosure there will be only 3 cables for the stack.


I Have Few Questions .

Is it supported ?

Can I add 1Gb gbic’s  and use one of the uplink on each Flex-10 for stack?

Can I mix Cx4 cables and DAC cables for stacking?


Another question regarding the removal of the VC 1/10-F enclosure, if the role of the  enclosure  is Primary , can I still remove it from the domain?

Let’s say that  I can remove the enclosure from the domain, after removal which MAC address will assign to the servers on this enclosure.




Info from Vincent:




You can use any supported cabling option and any port for stacking. Just remember that on a Flex-10 module X7 and X8 are shared with the internal cross-connects that go to the adjacent module.

Your enclosure with VC 1/10-F modules must NOT be the master the domain. First it’s not supported to have VC 1/10-F modules managing a MES domain with Flex-10 modules. Second you wouldn’t be able to remove the enclosure from the domain without deleting the entire domain.

When you remove a slave enclosure from the domain, it’s returned to unconfigured state, so you have to re-create a domain, say which MAC and WWN ranges to use, create server profiles, etc.




Any other help for Avi?