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Multiple Virtual Connect Domains

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Multiple Virtual Connect Domains


I have two VC modules, that are in a virtual connect domain supporting 13 blades.

Is it possible to add a single VC module, and create a different VC domain for two additional new blades, or it has to be on the current VC?


Re: Multiple Virtual Connect Domains


In an enclosure the VC domain instance run only on primary module which are installed in bay 1 and Bay 2, all addition VC modules act as subordinate modules. This is as per the design, which means that only one VC domain per enclosure. However multiple enclosures can be part of the same domain, which will require stacking of the enclosures. 

Now as per your requirement to have a seperate VC domain for 2x Blade servers, I would suggest the below assuming that you want to keep the network (Ethernet & SAN) seperate from the other 13x blades. 

- You can create additional Network/SAN Fabrics in the same VC Domain. 

- If required associate them with seperate uplinks to the Ethernet Swithes or SAN Swicthes. (Optional Step)

- Create new server profiles and add the newly created Ethernet & San Fabrics to the server profiles. 

- Save and assign the profiles to the newly added servers. 

This will help you isolate the ethernet/san network from the exisiting confiuration. 

Note: Embedded Nics are mapped to VC Bay 1 & 2 only. Adding additional VC in the chassis will need addiitional Mezz card to be installed in the server. 

If there are any further queries do get back to us. 


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